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Accord D financing – Enjoy this

In a few days …

You will receive a single account statement including a description of your current purchases made with your VISA Desjardins card and the details of your financial plans.

Financing repayment by equal monthly installments

Monthly payments on the Accord D financing are matched to current balance VISA Desjardins account. Thus, by paying the minimum amount due on your account, you also acknowledge the monthly D. Agreement

Funding deferred payment

The payment of this plan is included in your monthly payment and must be done directly on the plan expires. A reminder asking you to pay the total balance of your funding is sent to you with the statement of account between 30 and 59 days before the expiry of the financing plan.

Discount capital

Discount capital prior to the Maturity Date may be made at any time without penalty directly on the map , regardless of the type of financing.

Pay your Accord D financing is easy

You can pay your VISA Desjardins account and your plans Accord D financing:

  1. counter a Desjardins caisse
  2. AccèsD (Internet and telephone) to the Desjardins caisse members
  3. Desjardins ATM for Desjardins caisse members
  4. ATM or over the counter to all other financial institutions that accept VISA payments (except for discounts capital)
  5. On the website all other financial institutions that accept VISA payments (except for discounts capital)
  6. payment cleared (except for discounts capital)
  7. By mail order Desjardins Card Services (with coupon from your statement)

you like the experience?

Accord D Desjardins is the ideal solution for your future projects or major purchases. Limit your Accord D preauthorized fits your needs. Do not hesitate …
*Subject to the approval of the Credit Department of Desjardins Card Services .
*Some conditions apply. Details in store.

To learn more about the products and services or for questions about your account, contact the Desjardins Card Services 1 800 363-3380 in the Montreal area 514 397-4415 or visit .