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Almond Blossom Dishwashing Liquid 500ml

by Pure
PURE is on a mission to develop environmentally friendly products for the family and home using naturally sourced ingredients that are toxin-free and non-harmful to health, while maintaining impeccable performance.
Almond Blossom Dishwashing Liquid 500ml

Designed with maximum degreasing agents, ultra-concentrated, you need less to do as many dishes. Maybe the kids will even start washing dishes.

  • Formula designed with maximum degreasing agents that makes heavy duty degreasing easier
  • Ultra-concentrated formula and powerful soaking agent
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  • Very gentle and moisturizing, it can be used as a hand soap
  • Flavorings with essential oils
  • Safe and biodegradable ingredients
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  • Vegan and not tested on animals
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Specification Sheet (PDF)

HOW TO USE: Pour 2 ml of dishwashing liquid per litre of hot water. Do not use in a dishwasher.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children, avoid ingestion and eye contact. Avoid freezing. If splashed in the eyes, wash with plenty of water immediately. Seek medical attention.


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