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SpaLet Advanced Clean 2.5 Bidet Seat with Remote Control

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SKU 8012A60GRC-020
- Very popular during pregnancies and after childbirth
- Perfect for medical conditions where better hygiene is required
- Dual self-cleaning nozzles for effective front and back flushing
- Multiple spray modes provide a customized grooming experience- Instant heat allowing for constant hot water
- Heated seat with temperature control for added comfort
- Hot air drying with temperature adjustment to reduce toilet paper consumption
- True touchless experience
- Intuitive remote control for easy operation
- Activated carbon deodorizer to eliminate odors in the bowl
- Slow closing seat and lid to prevent slamming
- Button to remove the seat for easy maintenance
- Nightlight to guide you through the night
- Thin 5.5" (140mm) profile/span>
- Energy-saving mode in one step
- Fits most conventional elongated toilets